“My husband and I were looking to buy our first home. We found a house in Benbrook that seemed just right for us and placed an offer. Once the offer was accepted, we set up an appointment with A2Z Inspections to have everything checked out. Dwayne did a very thorough inspection and pointed out both the good and bad things about the house, and showed us why they were considered positive or negative, without trying to persuade us one way or the other. After much consideration, my husband and I felt that the problems outweighed the positives and we were able to make the educated decision to back out of the contract.”

We found another home in Crowley and had Dwayne with A2Z inspections come out and inspect that home also. Again Dwayne was very thorough and pointed out all the positive and negatives of the home. This home had some structural issue with the roof that were easily fixed. We purchased the home and had the repairs done. We are now living comfortably knowing that we are in a sound home.

Thanks for all your help Dwayne!
Elizabeth and Nathanial

“My husband and I were buying our first home when we decided to use Dwayne at A2Z Inspections. We had been searching for a home for about a year looking for the perfect home. Many of the homes in our price range had a lot of issues. We felt that it would be best to use an inspector so that we could make sure we knew what we were buying. Dwayne was very thorough with the inspection. He looked over the house top to bottom, and reported all of his findings big and small. We were able to get the seller to fix the problems thanks to Dwayne’s findings. We were given a copy of his report to show our real estate agent so that we could negotiate with the seller. The report was very professional and easy to understand. I am so glad that we used Dwayne at A2Z Inspections. I felt confident with our purchase because of his thorough inspection, and I will definitely use him again in the future.”
Thank you,
John & Neana

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