What Happens at the Inspection?

I will turn all the lights and fans on the highest settings, set the oven to 350 degrees, set the dishwasher to normal and start the cycle, set the thermostat to the highest setting for heat and the lowest setting for cool, open and close all accessible windows, turn on all the plumbing fixtures and have them all running at the same time. While the property is at full electrical load I will remove the electrical panel cover and carefully examine the circuits, breakers, connections, wiring, check for any overheating or improper wiring, all circuits will remain on for an extended period of time. All plumbing fixtures will be running water and commodes will be flushed repetitively for an extended period of time. I will set up a ladder at any single story access point of the roof and take pictures while walking the roof, pictures will be taken of all defects of the roof. I will access any safe access to the attic and take pictures of any visible defects, such as insulation, roof supports, overlay materials, decking problems, signs of leaks, improper venting of any gas appliances or plumbing areas. If the HVAC unit is in the attic I will closely examine all condense drains, and look for any defect that may affect the operation. The heating and cooling systems may be switched back and forth to cycle the HVAC system thru multiple checks of operation and to check for airflow. The appliances are checked for proper operation and installation. The lighting, fans and room outlets are checked for proper operation and any safety hazards. After a reasonable period of time the oven is checked for calibration of 350 degrees and the broil function is checked, all burners are checked at the same time at highest setting and all safety and proper operation. All accessible doors, walls, ceilings and floors are checked and pictures are taken of any defects of operation and performance. I will make a study of the foundation, closely examining all and any signs of problems and indication of past or current problems. I will take in consideration all the findings of the interior and exterior in analyzing the condition of the foundation. I can typically find some indications of past foundation repairs and make our clients aware of those signs. In some cases I have found indications of possible damaged or broken lines beneath the slab that most all other inspection companies either pay no attention to or are unable to detect because of a lack of training or experience.  Once I finish the report it will be easily downloaded from any computer that has internet access, or I can print the report and send it to you via UPS. I will also be happy to walk the property with you and point out anything you may a question about. I will spend as much time on site as you need.  Later I will spend another one to one and half hours downloading the pictures I took, resizing those pictures and put them into the individual sections of the report, I will then finalize the report and email the report to you and your Realtor. Typically within about 4 hours of leaving the property or for sure the next day. Of course there is a lot more that happens than this short description, but this gives you a good idea of the thoroughness of my inspection. Most average 2,200 sq. ft. slab homes will take me on average 3 to 4 hours in the home performing the inspection, another 1 to 2 hours preparing the report, attaching the pictures and going over the report with our clients. I will include my direct phone number so that you may contact me directly should you have any questions. The day after the inspection you will receive a call from me or my office staff providing a courtesy call to make sure you were well taken care of and to see if there is anything we can do to help in any way. We’ll also call your Realtor to make sure they are taken care of and answer any questions they may have.  We are happy to provide any assistance you may need after the inspection forever. Do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any question that you think I could help you with. I consider you my client for life.

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